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Comprensive Heath Package

Ship International Hospital  provides a complete health screening program along with testing. Taking a proactive approach toward your health can be a great method to diagnose many health issues, including cancer.

International Hospital believes that every individual should be proactive about their health and wellness, and we offer complete health and wellness screening programs to suit their needs. Our proactive approach to reaching lifelong wellness is designed with your comfort, privacy, and convenience in mind.

Our health screening processes are customized to each and every customer’s unique needs and designed to promote overall wellbeing to save lives.

Executive Health Checkup

Our company’s executive physical health and executive health screening services are best for executives and companies regardless of size and industry. Our strategic menu of services such as Executive Health Screening helps busy executives achieve their health goals.

A complete executive screening checkup is geared at assessing health risk factors, early diagnosis, promoting well-being, and eliminating medical risks.

In addition to our health check-ups, we also provide wellness services, such as diet coaching to help our patients remain healthy and happy. Our functional medicine practitioners will focus on evaluating the patient’s unique circumstances and prescribe a treatment plan that is personalized to their requirements.

Contact us to learn more about our services and to take your health screening.

Male (Below 30 Years)

Female (Below 30 Years)

Male (Over 30 Years)

Female (Over 30 Years)

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Basic Male Checkup Package-1 (Over 30 Years)

Basic Female Checkup Package-1 (Over 30 Years)

Basic Male Checkup Package-2 (Under 30 Years)

Basic Female Checkup Package-2 (Under 30 Years)

Cardiac Health Checkup