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Prof. Dr. Feroze Quader

Prof. Dr. Feroze Quader

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Chief Consultant & Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Feroze Quader

MBBS, FCPS (Surgery), General, Laparoscopic, Breast & Thyroid Surgery Specialist

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  • Prof. Dr. Feroze Quader has passed his MBBS from Dhaka Medical College Hospital with distinct results and stood 8th in order of merit in the 3rd Professional Examination
  • After that, he obtained his FCPS in surgery in the year 1992 and followed by he achieved his FICS degree
  • He is renowned in the country for his expertise in managing all kinds of complex surgical procedures related to including Laparoscopy (gall bladder, appendices, hernia), stomach, colon, rectum & anal canal, intestine, hepatobiliary, pancreas, renal, endocrine, thyroid, breast, hydrocele, testis, lipoma, cyst, ulcers, gangrene, sinus, fistula, varicose vein and many other general surgical procedures
  • He has a special interest in all kinds of Breast pathology including breast abscess, fibroadenoma, gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) and breast cancer; breast surgeries including breast-conserving surgery (Lumpectomy) and surgical removal of all parts of a breast (Mastectomy)
  • Dr. Feroze Quader has also expertise in operating thyroid-related diseases including tumors, cysts and nodules on the thyroid, enlarged thyroid ( also called a goiter) and surgical procedures such as total thyroidectomy, thyroid lobectomy and subtotal thyroidectomy
  • He has vast experience in conducting of conferences, workshops, seminars, and symposiums, and offering training for doctors, nurses and paramedics
  • He is a faculty of basic surgical skills training and ATLS of the American College of Surgeons conducted in BCPS.

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