Dr. A S M Shariful Islam

Dr. A S M Shariful Islam

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Dr. A S M Shariful Islam


Detail Profile
  • Dr. A.S.M Shariful Islam graduated with an MBBS degree from Khulna Medical College.
  • He has also obtained an MS in CT & VS from the National University of Cardio Vascular Diseases.
  • He has almost 13 years of experience in working many reputed hospitals in different positions. Currently, he is working as a Consultant in the Cardiovascular Surgery Department at SHIP International Hospital.
  • He is actively and successfully participating to his full capacity in Bypass Grafting Surgery(CABG), Aortic & Mitral Valve Surgeries (Replacement & Repair), and congenital heart surgeries like ASD, VSD & PDA repair surgeries regularly.
  • He has attended several workshops related to Advanced Cardiac Surgery such as valve repair surgery, aortic surgery, and so on.

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