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Dietetics & Nutrition


Diet & Nutrition Department with experienced Dietician to support people in their journey towards healthy living. We provide meals with nutritional content according to the patient's medical condition. We try to provide safe, secure, and highly satisfying meals that comply with appropriate hygiene management. Our dietitian provides service to all admitted patients and patients who come to get outpatient service. Our dietitian visits the patient's bedside and provides treatment according to each patient's condition. We try to ensure the meals on the basis of patient choice, considering their taste and try to accommodate patient requests as much as possible. Dietitian also explain your diet. Get clear information about your current eating habits and make sure that we can provide you with meals that are suitable for your health. When you are discharged from the hospital, we will explain the dietary regimen you should follow at your home. For outpatients we will explain dietary therapy at home according to your medical condition. It is essential to get nutrition advice and a complete dietary analysis done to ensure that all the additional requirements are met. Lack of nutrition can cause delay in healing process, infection and also during the process of treatment your body requires a different type of diet regime. So to ensure that a dietitian is very important.


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