About our Pharmacy

In compliance with the mission of SHIP International Hospital, Pharmacy Department ensures advance pharmacy practice and improve patient’s quality of life by applying the principal of pharmaceutical care by safe, effective and rational use of medication through licensed graduate pharmacists.

Our specialties

Being an integral member of the healthcare team, pharmacy department is responsible for:

  • Electronic prescription review by licensed graduate pharmacists.
  • Provide Drug Information to patient and healthcare professionals by licensed graduate pharmacists.
  • Rational use of drug by ensuring 5 rights of medication safety including right patient, right drug, right time, right dose and right route of administration.
  • Medicine dispensing and supply to in-patient and out-patient.
  • Out-patient counselling services by licensed graduate pharmacist.
  • In-patient discharge medication preparation and counselling by licensed graduate pharmacist.
  • Medication Reconciliation on admission and medication guidance.
  • Monitor High Alert Medication, Look Alike Sound Alike (LASA) medication, drug interaction and Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR).
  • Narcotic Drug control and management.
  • Medicine purchase from direct pharmaceutical company and medicine management including proper storage condition, cold chain management, inventory control and expiry medicine management.

Education & Training

We foster an environment designed to advance knowledge and enhance professional development of our staff members. Our Clinical Pharmacists are encouraged to participate in Continue Medical Education (CME) and Continue Professional Development (CPD) program to enhance their academic careers. We are also engaging in-house education program to other medical staff.

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