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Mantasa Tasnim

Clinical Dietitian & Nutritionist
Senior Clinical Dietitian & Nutritionist, Dietetics & Nutrition
Ship International Hospital

Education & Experience


Mantasa Tasnim is a Senior Clinical Dietitian & Nutritionist at Ship International Hospital. She completed her bachelor's and M.Sc degrees in the field of Food & Nutrition at Dhaka University. She has a wide experience of more than 4 years in clinical nutrition. She has previously worked as a Clinical Dietitian and Nutritionist at Evercare Hospitals (Apollo Hospitals), Dhaka before joining Ship International Hospital.

Board certification
Field of expertise

She has completed certificate courses in Diabetes nutrition in adversity (India). She has also attended a lot of nutrition-related trainings and workshops. She has expertise in critical care nutrition (Enteral and parenteral nutrition), weight management (including nutrition therapy for the bariatric patients), diabetic diet therapy, renal diet therapy, special diet for oncology, pediatric diet therapy, and other disease-related diet therapy and specialized counseling. She is an active member of the BNDF, Bangladesh Nutritionist and Dietetics Forum that promotes nutritional wellness, treats obesity, and prevents and treats nutrition-related disorders as a specialty area of practice. As a Dietitian & Nutritionist full of compassion, she aspires to provide her patients with sound advice and empathy.

Years of practice

Working Shifts