Outpatient Guide

Basic Information

Our outpatient service includes consultations with specialized doctors, diagnostic tests, and minor procedures. There are 4 outpatients areas in our hospital. 

  • OPD-1: Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery
  • OPD-2: Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics
  • OPD-3: General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Urology, ENT
  • OPD-4: Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Dermatology, EYE

Aortic Center and Nephrology (Dialysis) are separately located in other areas. 

Language assistance in English and Japanese are available for those are non-bengal speaking patients. 

First-Visit Patient

Appointment Scheduling

  • The first step is typically scheduling an appointment. Patients can book an appointments through our website (Request an Appointment), over the phone (019 5850 9222), or in some cases through a referral from a primary care physician.
  • Although you can take consultation from our specialized doctor without appointment, we recommend you to check your preferred doctor’s availability before visiting the hospital.    

Consultation Hours

Consultation Type Time

Regular Consultant

8 AM to 5 PM

Guest Consultant

3 PM to 6 PM (Depending on doctors)

Friday and all government holidays our outpatient service is not available.


Upon first arrival, the patient will go through a registration process. This involves providing personal information.

Initial Assessment:

After registration customer care will guide the patient to the billing section. After purchasing the ticket, the patient undergoes an initial assessment, which includes basic vital signs check (like blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate etc.).

Waiting Time:

Depending on the schedule, there might be a waiting period before seeing the Consultant.


Patients will consult with our consultant, who will ask more detailed questions about their medical history and current health issues.

Examination and Tests:

The patient may undergo a physical examination. Additionally, if necessary, our doctor may order diagnostic tests.

Treatment Plan:

Based on the consultation and test results, the consultant will discuss a treatment plan with the patient. This might include medications, lifestyle changes, or follow-up appointments.

Prescriptions and Referrals:

If medications are prescribed, the patient may receive a prescription from our pharmacy. For specialised care, referrals to other healthcare professionals or departments may be provided.

What to bring for outpatient consultation

It is very important to bring some key documents to ensure the visit efficient and productive as possible-

Medical Documents and Records:

Need to bring previous prescriptions, including previous test results, reports from other doctors, and also if you underwent any procedure or surgeries please kindly bring those summary documents also. Current medication information which you are taking on a regular basis.

Referral Letter:

Need to bring previous prescriptions, including previous test results, reports from other doctors, and also if you underwent any procedure or surgeries please kindly bring those summary documents also. Current medication information which you are taking on a regular basis.

Re-visit or Follow-up Patient

Appointment confirmation: Ensure your appointment date and time are confirmed. The patient will receive instructions for any aftercare, including how to take prescribed medications, lifestyle or dietary recommendations, and details on when to schedule a follow-up appointment. Be prepared to discuss how you have responded to any treatments or medications prescribed during your last visit.

Out of Hours and Holiday (Emergency)

Emergency Department (ED) Availability:

Our Emergency Department (ED) operates 24/7. This department is staffed with healthcare professionals trained to handle a wide range of medical emergencies.

Wide Range of Care:

The ED is equipped to deal with various emergencies, from minor injuries to life-threatening conditions like heart attacks, strokes, and trauma.

Laboratory and Imaging Services:

Hospitals have laboratory and imaging services available around the clock to assist in diagnosing and treating emergencies.

To Avail Investigation Facility Only

If a patient arrives at a hospital solely to avail of investigation facilities then we follow the below mentioned process.

Check Registration:

If you do not have any registration in our hospital please kindly check in at the registration desk and after complete registration go to the billing department. If you are our registered patient please go to the billing department. Also check with the customer care team they will verify whether your test needs any preparation or not. Like Instructions for the Test: The patient will receive specific instructions for the test, which could include fasting, avoiding certain medications, or wearing appropriate attire.After confirmation please proceed to the billing department.

Verification of Doctor’s Orders:

Billing staff will verify the test name in our system and make the invoice accordingly.

Data Entry and Record Creation:

The patient’s information is entered into the hospital’s system, creating or updating their medical record with the current visit details.

Conducting the Test:

The patient will be directed to the appropriate area (like the lab, radiology, etc.) where trained technicians or healthcare professionals will conduct the test.

Waiting Period:

After the test, there is a waiting period, especially if the test requires preparation of samples or specific processing.


Once the test is completed, and there are no immediate health concerns, the patient can leave the hospital.

Result Processing:

The test results are processed, which can take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the nature of the test. We will notify the date and time to collect the result.

Billing & Payment

We have 2 OPD Billing counter

  • central billing counter on the Ground floor.
  • one for basement -2
  • The Emergency department has a separate billing counter.

Working time for billing counter:

Billing Counter Open Time

Central Counter

24/7 open

Emergency Counter

24/7 open

Report Delivery Counter

8 AM to 5 PM

Counter in Basement -2

8 AM to 7 PM

Payment Method

  • Cash in hand
  • Debit/Credit Card (VISA, Master, AMEX, JCB)
  • Mobile banking (Bkash)
  • For mobile banking, you must transfer the money with all the charges
  • For investigation our minimum payable amount is 70%. Rest of the amount we collect during the distribution of the report.
  • Procedure: In case of procedure after completion of the procedure we charge the bill.
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