Patient Testimonials

Second Successful Normal Delivery Achieved Within Just 17 Months of First Baby’s Birth!

Watch our latest video and listen to the heartfelt stories who entrusted their delivery journey.

A thankful testimonial by patient’s son after his mother’s successful recovery from Cardiac Tumor-Myxoma

Having suffered from respiratory distress, chronic cough, and various complex diseases including myxoma…..

Mother shares her satisfaction after successful Congenital Open Heart Surgery

Little Yasin was suffering from various health complications including breathing problems from a very young age .After resorting to various reputed..

“I Suffered from Piles for Years: My Journey to Recovery with Laser Piles Surgery” | Best treatment for Piles

Many people feel embarrassed to go to the doctor with anal problems. Especially women.

“CABG Surgery was performed successfully and the doctors and nurses took the best care of me”

Instead of going abroad for cardiac surgery, bypass surgery patient Mr. Bajlu Rashid Faraji has trusted our quality service.

Mrs. Roushan Ara Begum successfully recovered from stroke-Let’s find out from her son’s mouth!

When taken to SIH, it was found after examination that she had suffered a STROKE.

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