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SHIP International Hospital’s corporate client facility is specifically designed to cater to the healthcare needs of businesses, ranging from small enterprises to large corporations in the local area. This integrated approach ensures that our corporate clients benefit from a streamlined, all-encompassing solution, granting their valued personnel convenient access to top-notch and cost-effective healthcare.

Best Care for Your Good Health

Key Advantages we can offer

  • Health Awareness Program
  • Health Camp
  • Shuttle Car Service in Uttara Area


Health Awareness Program: Access to exclusive health awareness programs designed to promote well-being among your employees.

Health Camp: Arrange a health camp at your premise so that your employees get health screening by our medical staff.

Shuttle Car Service in Uttara Area: Convenient shuttle car services are available exclusively for your employees within the Uttara area, ensuring seamless transportation to and from our facilities.


Our Clients

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