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Our Vision, Mission and Values


Since Bangladesh is a developing country which needs proper segmentation and nourishment in different individual sectors, the Joint Venture Company would work typically in the healthcare sector which would evolve in the establishment of Japanese style medical & Research center to keep the diseases in control through necessary preventive manners. Our vision to build a “diseases and care” supported environmental all over the country.


1. Develop the cardiac facilities through the incorporation of Japanese medical technology with that of Bangladesh.
2. Renal complication is an uprising health problem in Bangladesh which the Joint Venture would tend to reduce amicably.
3. Traumatic diseases have got long time impact over the common people of Bangladesh and the Joint Venture Company is supposed to make it tolerable with innovative Japanese style medical treatment.
4. Generalize & implement international standard healthcare facilities & services with expertise accompanied by latest technology.

Safety Statement

Everyone at Ship International Hospital has responsibility for the safety of our patients and staff. The hospital governing board has the overall responsibility of directing the commitment to safety. Safety is a team effort that is at the core of our business and central to our success and competitiveness. The hospital is designed to incorporate efficient, cost-effective passive and automatic fire detecting, containing and controlling system.

Quality Statement

Ship International Hospital is committed to providing “International-standard” services by using state-of-the-art care giving guidelines, frameworks for achieving our overall organizational performance objective. Dedicated team of Japanese Nurse and Pharmacist team is responsible for preparing the caregiving guidelines and training the staff to maximize the patient satisfaction level.

Environmental Statement

Ship International Hospital is committed to protecting the global environment and to conserving energy and natural resources. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art ETP and STP facilities to maximize water usage. Additionally, the hospital has its own laundry and kitchen facilities to ensure minimum environmental impact.

Social Commitment

Ship International Hospital is dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare to underprivileged Bangladeshi residents. The Hospital has a dedicated 10% free bed for underprivileged patients. The hospital aims to provide free services ranging from check-up programs to life-saving surgery for the poor. For the first time in Bangladesh, despite being a corporate hospital Ship International Hospital is committed and takes pride in serving the people of Bangladesh