Greetings from Hospital Director - Ship Hospital

Greetings from Hospital Director

Greetings from Hospital Director

Prof. Dr. Kazuyuki Ishibashi

Hospital Director

SHIP International Hospital grand opened in June 2022 with the support of JICA with the mission of “Delivering Japanese standard patient care to the people of Bangladesh”. We are truly grateful to our doctors, nurses and other employees for their continuous hard work day and night and the employees of JICA for their warm support. We want to show our gratitude to our patients who come from near and also from distant areas to receive our service. From October 2023, our hospital has reborn as a world-standard highly advanced medical center, which has never existed in Bangladesh before. Furthermore, we will continue to improve quality of patient care and patient safety, and secure medical treatment that is trusted by patients using the Japanese-style medical evaluation function. In recent years, medical technology has made remarkable progress, and to continue to keep up with that evolution requires an enormous amount of effort. What never changes, however, is the compassion and hospitality for our patients now and in the past. Our staff considers the Japanese style of hospitality (ichigo-ichie) to be just as important as patient care. The meaning of this Japanese proverb Ichigo-Ichie is that it is important to treat patients with sincerity and seriousness, remembering that every day is only once in a lifetime. In fact, we have received many positive comments from patients who have undergone surgery and have been discharged from the hospital, saying that they would like to come to our hospital even if they live far away and that they would like to introduce our hospital to their friends.

We are committed to not only curing illnesses, but also to relieving the anxiety of patients and their families, so that they can receive patient care that makes them feel comfortable during their visit or hospital stay. 

Thank you.

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